Palouse Falls – Washington (April 2014)

Palouse Falls – Washington (April 2014)

quotation-mark-left-md RESIZEDAaron was one of the very first active readers of my website, and since meeting him I’ve been consistently impressed with his work ethic, capacity for learning, and his knack for building a great personal brand. His writing is clear, useful, and entertaining (he wrote a fantastic guide for my site), and he’s done a wonderful job creating a personal website as well. Also, he seems to be able to do all of this from mountains and hiking trails.

— Thomas Frank, Founder of College Info Geek

quotation-mark-left-md RESIZED Aaron has done more than just fix my IT problems, he has listened to me, teaches me and guides me (as I’m freaking out frustrated). He works with me on web design for my artistic endeavors and my professional website. He is an endless source of info on anything related to social media, blogging, IT and tech products.

Amy Wolfe, Life Coach

quotation-mark-left-md RESIZEDI have known Aaron as I have advised the Student Senate where Aaron served as our Parliamentarian. I enjoy Aaron’s enthusiasm and passion for bettering himself. I feel Aaron will be an asset to his employer because of his work ethic, dedication, foresight and ability to openly discuss topics.”

— Scott Mickelsen, Associate Dean at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

quotation-mark-left-md RESIZEDI had the pleasure of working with Aaron for about a year. During that time, Aaron was an excellent worker and employee with good social skills. He is intelligent, dedicated, understands complex engineering concepts, and shows an intense desire to learn about new technologies. I highly recommend Aaron and feel confident in stating that he would be a good asset and add value to any company.”

— Gary Horst, Program/Project Manager at Frontier Technologies/Holographic Engineering

quotation-mark-left-md RESIZEDAaron is a very determined editor and he understands how to create and edit articles and content at a very high level. He has down great work for the community that I am trying to create and build and I know that it would have not gone far as it has without his assistance.”

— Justice Wordlaw IV






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